What’s in the Box?  Collecting, analyzing, distributie and presenning data asks for handy and powerful tool. “What’s in the Box? ” shines her light on those tools and gives you more insight in its possible applications.

Plugnotes: streamlining documents into usable data

A big part of the data we use daily is trapped in forms, especially in SME’s. Think supplier vouchers, order forms, work notes… Teams who work on the road often have a stash of paper by the end of the week they then dump on the back office desks. Those small, large, dirty , creased, torn papers are then manually classified and enter into databases sometimes days or even weeks later. All this time you did not have that data at your disposal.

Plugnotes‘ founders had that same problem and wanted one solution to solve it all. Not ten different tools to bring everything together. The people in the field have no time to fiddle with a tool for pictures, a tool for client records, one for phone numbers, invoices, notes, meeting follow ups. The problem is the need to study all of those separate tools as well as the loss of information when you disperse and dismantle all these pieces of data. How do you reconnect that picture of that faulty washing machine to that job order, the hour sheet, the material sheet and the kms driven?

A Swiss Army Knife for your documents

The solution Plugnotes built was a multipurpose tool that allows you to make your own forms while allowing you to scan all incoming documents and linking them to those forms. Forms and data are then instantaneously uploaded to the back office where they know at any given moment how the status is of every job, every employee, every client and every piece of resource in house and on the road.

The app comes with a huge set of preformatted templates, while the growing community of Plugnotes users add new ones every day. Still can’t find the exact and perfect one for your needs? Adapt one of the templates or build your own from scratch. Everything will still work perfectly together.

You can even link all that valuable new data to your existing data systems or SAS packages you use. The Plugnotes people will be glad to help you to get started.

We had an enlightening conversation with one of the company’s founders Camille De Bruyn on their product.

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