Data is our DNA

We are a group of engineers, marketeers and copywriters with one thing in common: data is our DNA.  Everyone of us relies on data and systems as a basis to build solutions that get the job done.  

We also have a common goal: deliver a quality result in a sustainable way.  When you work with us, you’ll be amazed by the transparancy of our team and how focussed we are on delivering upon our targets. 


We are a team of analytical performance consultants with decades of experience.  We have worked globally with the biggest brands in retail, fmcg, tech, esports and energy.

Data is the oil we use to accelerate our customers’ engines.  We identify the tipping points that can be leveraged to make a significant difference in output.  

A brave new world

In an increasingly competitive landscape, opportunities arise for those who work smarter than the competition.  We use a data as a competitive advantage, provide new insights and use best-in-class solutions for implementation and automation.  The outcome is a tangible increased performance.  

We are constantly looking for experienced consultants to join the team and business partners that share this goal to improve performance in a systematic way.  We are the gladiators that make it happen and are always searching for new technology to outsmart and outperform.

Get in touch if you want to be a part of a brave new world of applied data science and AI.  We are looking forward to discovering your talent and make you part of our winning team.  

Are you ready to be a gladiator in the arena?

Call us +32 472 714 811

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