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Nobody knows you, says michael Humblet

Nobody Knows You: How to fix your biggest challenge to scale your business, Michael Humblet, Die Keure Publishing, 2020 – 198 pages The biggest hurdle between you and your plans for growth is this: nobody knows you. This is true if you’re a freelancer, an employee, an executive, even a company founder. You may be going all out with your company

What’s in the Box? • Nauwgezet klantengedrag volgen met

Niets is zo leerrijk als het daadwerkelijke gedrag van je klanten. Je kunt me vragen wat ik zoal doe op een dag, waar ik shop of winkel, hoe lang ik er blijf, hoe vaak ik er terugkom, welke soort winkels ik bezoek of wanneer ik van vaste winkel verander… maar mijn antwoorden zullen nooit zo

The cover of the book

What’s in the books: What counts when you’re counting?

Sometimes what you take away from a book is not at all what it set up to do in the first place. You are caught off guard by a sentence, a clause, a paragraph and while your eyes skim over the rest of the pages your mind keeps lingering with that one idea that struck


What’s in the Box?  Collecting, analyzing, distributie and presenning data asks for handy and powerful tool. “What’s in the Box? ” shines her light on those tools and gives you more insight in its possible applications. Plugnotes: streamlining documents into usable data A big part of the data we use daily is trapped in forms,

What’s in the Box? Ep. 001. Accurat

What’s in the Box?  Data verzamelen, analyseren, bruikbaar maken en presenteren vraagt om handige en vlotte hulpmiddelen. What’s in the Box? richt haar spotlights op die tools en geeft meer inzicht in hun toepassingen. Accurat: overzicht en inzicht in het gedrag van je klanten Het Belgische Accurat biedt retailers en adverteerders een ton aan informatie

Ingels’ 50 lessen voor ondernemers getoetst

What’s in the books.  In deze reeks bekijken we boeken over slimmer werken en ondernemen. Verwacht geen exhaustieve besprekingen of overzichten van cover tot backcover, maar een eigenzinnige greep uit de inhoud. We pikken die inhoud eruit die iets bij ons losmaken en verbinden dat met onze eigen ervaringen.  In deze episode linkt Maarten Jürgen Ingels’ lessen met

Racing with Data • The Movie

You may know by now that one of our employees succeeded in beating a pro-team in a Zwift stage race. We had a chat with her on our brand new video channel.

A date with data

Don’t just tempt your client. Don’t just engage him. Marry him.

You don’t want your client, your audience, your customer to be a one-night stand, do you? You want to be partners for life – well, at least till the big divorce. But in meantime you want to have a great relationship. You want him to choose for you, to sign the dots, and to be

How data helped our 55 year old employee beat pro cyclists

She did. We kid you not. She did beat pros. Not on the Flèche Wallonne though, and the pros were not Van der Breggen, Van Vleuten or Marianne Vos, but still…The stage race was the Giant Crit Crushers series on Zwift, an e-sports platform. The main opposition was the sublime Roxsolt Attaquer p/b Liv &

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